Trump Presidency: How to Prevent Anxiety and Insomnia

March 23, 2017

Most people are traumatically affected by Trump becoming president. Learn how to minimize your anxiety and insomnia when thinking about all of the political changes we are facing!

Whether or not you voted for Donald Trump or you voted for someone else, our society is highly impacted by the political viewpoints concerning our nation. Many people feel we deserved better candidate for president.

Due to some individuals experiencing turmoil after Trump was elected, many therapists are being faced with helping their clients process the struggles to cope with the outcome. In my own professional relm, I have witnessed several clients identifying themselves as Hispanic decent often share feelings of powerlessness, loss of hope, and injustice because they feel their rights or the rights of their ancestors will be challenged. When individuals report anxiety or insomnia, the common symptoms associated tend to include nightmares, digestive problems, headaches, and panic attacks. The triggers for this type of anxiety and insomnia include thoughts about the following: drastic changes of healthcare, abortion, economy, foreign policy, immigration, education, workforce, taxes, war, poverty, and many others.

Trump-induced anxiety
Trump-induced anxiety

Tips for managing Trump-induced anxiety and insomnia:

1) Reduce time on social media and increase time outdoors; practice mindfulness and grounding yourself to the present moment.

2) Educate yourself about politics and mental health; by knowing the process of politics you will not allow yourself to believe everything you hear.

3) Seek out a licensed professional to help you normalize your life and decrease catastrophizing that leads to recurrent panic attacks.

If you have attempted all of these strategies and you find nothing is working for you, then consider participating in cognitive behavioral therapy to identify irrational thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are disrupting your sleep. Then learn how to reprogram your brain to quickly correct the irrationalities in order to obtain your goals for better sleep!

If you or loved one is suffering from insomnia or anxiety, be sure to share these strategies on how to identify and manage symptoms.

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